Denver Distillery




ETA: Sept of 2013. Watch distilling in progress. Discuss. Invent. Exchange ideas over a glass of local spirits. Denver Distillery is all about community and neighborhood conversation. We are located in the heart of Denver's, South Broadway district in the historic Imperial building. We will have a tasting room featuring local, organic ingredients where possible. This site documents the trials and efforts to bring this enterprise into a reality. Notice the various pictures of contraction. Construction stopped 10 months ago because we will told that all distilleries must be located within an industrial zone only. This is not what we wanted. So 10 months later, the Denver Zoning has allowed us to develop in this location: a retail commercial zone. We will be the only distillery east of Portland, Oregon that will distill in a retail location. This is a BIG deal. Our 2nd still arrived. 150 gallon. 3/20/2013 We are currently seeking possible investors and/ or partners. Please contact us, if you have an interest.