A robust New American style gin from Denver's favorite gin distillery. Defined by a range of nineteen botanicals, including jasmine and bergamot, in tandem with our toasted juniper berries and our base spirit, our silver rum.

When Ron Tarver opened Denver Distillery in 2018, he set out to specialize in small-batch, grain-to-glass spirits using natural, tasty, local ingredients.

Our latest innovation starts with our very own silver rum, itself distilled from U.S. organic sugar cane molasses and sucanat to create a truly unique base. We then distill this one more time with toasted juniper berries and a delectable blend of 19 different botanicals in a gin basket in the column of our still. This type of vapor infusion typically results in a lighter more floral style gin.

We make our own in-house tonic to compliment this refreshing twist on gin.

Located in a historic South Broadway hotel in the beautiful Mile High City, Denver’s first distillery-pub offers free tours by appointment.